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Pages Types in SharePoint

First, let’s understand the main different between Application Pages and Content Pages:

  • Content Pages – Contains content controls that can be modified by end users.
    ONLY Content Pages can contain Web Part Zones, therefore can contain Web Parts.
  • Application Pages – Are regular ASPX pages that exposed in every site collection or sub site under the _layouts folder.

When we understand these main differences it is easy to know when to use each page, For example:

Scenario A – Content Pages
You need to create an RSS to show relevant content to users in a certain group and you need to support customization by sites administrators and personalization for end users.

Scenario B – Application Pages
Your company wants to provide a central page that displays the latest articles from Eggheadcafe.com. This page will be available for company employees and could not be configured by end users or sites administrators.



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